It all started with a Coach bag, or a Coach briefcase I should say.

In 1997 I was rising up the corporate ladder, enjoying life as dot com marketer. I had an apartment in San Francisco, a gym membership and a job that took me to exciting places like New York, Paris and Cancun.

At my company’s annual sales meeting, a Scottish lad on our UK sales team caught my attention. I can’t remember his opening line, but it must have been witty because he talked me into taking him shopping that afternoon, he needed a new briefcase.

We ended up at a Coach shop and I pointed out a luxurious Napa leather one. Smitten with me, he went right to the register without bothering to check the price tag. To his surprise, it was $600. My husband is SCOTTISH. That bag was a source of many jokes early on in our relationship.

Fast forward to today. Living in the UK. Married to the Scott. Three children. Off the corporate ladder. Or you could say my life is full of nappies, fish fingers, and endless loads of laundry.

I dove into motherhood head first. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. I had three children in less than three years. Starting a blog was cheaper than therapy, so I created A Modern Mother.

This blog chronicles my life, my travels and includes other random thoughts. In it, you will meet my husband and my three girls. We reside blissfully in a small town in the Thames Valley.

I hope you like A Modern Mother.

And that Coach bag? I have no idea what happened to it or how it accidentally ended up at Oxfam!

I'm the original founder of BritMums, The UK's largest collective of mum influencers. That's Jen Howze, on the right, she's my partner in crime at BritMums.

I’m the original founder of BritMums, the UK’s largest collective of mum influencers. That’s Jen Howze on the right, she’s my partner in crime and co-founder at BritMums.


PS – I wrote this intro a few years ago, but I like it so much I can’t bring myself to change it. My girls are now 12, 13 and 15! I’m a pioneer in the British mum blogging space, founding the hugely popular BritMums community, which now has 8,000+  bloggers as members. We run all sorts of blogger activation and native content programmes there (including the UK’s largest and most popular blogging event BritMums Live). If you are interested in reaching mum influencers, please get in touch. Email me amodernmother (at) gmail (dot) com! Make sure you read my That’s Cool section for more things I’ve done.


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