The Watt Loss Challenge

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Energy savings light bulbs
Disclosure: I'm working with British Gas on a project to help educate families about engery savings.

No, that is not a typo!

We're running the Watt Loss Challenge competition on the Smart Mums site — all you have to do is post a pic about how you save engery in your home.

My entry is above. We use energy saving light bulbs throughout the house, I've been told that they last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs, and using one can save you around £40 over the lifetime of the bulb.

You can get a pack of 4 from Amazon for only £2.15

If you need some energy saving tips, you can pick some up here.

What are you doing to save energy?


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  1. 01/02/2012 / 17:01

    I can see, we have the same idea of saving energy ;))) Mirka @Kahanka

  2. Iota
    10/01/2012 / 05:26

    Michelloui – you could sell them on ebay as collector’s items before too long, I reckon.

  3. Susanna
    08/01/2012 / 09:07

    Too funny about the lightbulbs. I used to hate them too, but am more zen now. At peace with lower light. Ommmmm.

  4. Susanna
    08/01/2012 / 09:05

    You two are cracking me up. Try candles?

  5. Susanna
    08/01/2012 / 09:04

    Agree I hate that they take so long to light up, but you get used to it. Really. x

  6. 08/01/2012 / 07:58

    An expat friend of mine who has lived in the UK for 20 years has recently moved back to Texas but kept her flat in Kensington. She hasked me to store a few small things for her and one of them is a box of lightbulbs–the non ecofriendly kind, because she figures when she returns to the UK there will be noneleft to use and she hates the eco lightbulbs! As do most of us it would seem…
    But I do agree that we need to look at the many ways to save energy around the home.

  7. 08/01/2012 / 07:55

    Yes! Iota I totally agree.

  8. 07/01/2012 / 19:09

    Another thing about those light bulbs (which we use BTW) is that they don’t work with dimmers. I have dimmers on all the switches in our living areas, and usually use them to create a more cosy ambiance in the evenings. (Oooh, get me). But now that we have these eco-what’s-it bulbs, I feel like we’re sitting in a football stadium half the time!
    (You didn’t expect this post to turn into a rant against the light bulbs did you?)

  9. Iota
    07/01/2012 / 18:51

    Light bulbs are where my environmentally-protective feelings do battle with my selfishness. I really HATE it when you go into a room, turn on the light, and then have to moither around in the half-gloom for a couple of minutes before the bulb warms up. We have a workshop in our basement, where all the tools are kept. If I ever go in there, it’s because I need something, and it’s often not something easy to find like a hammer, but something obscure that I know is tucked away (cello tape, for example). So I have to go down, turn on the light, head back upstairs, do something else for a couple of minutes, and then go back downstairs to look for the item. It really annoys me.
    I will even admit that when I leave the house, if it’s only for a 10-minute school run, I deliberately leave the kitchen light on, because I hate those gloomy moments when I arrive back.
    There, my non-eco-friendly credentials are out now.
    Maybe there are some better eco bulbs we could invest in?