I really need to watch more telly

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I’ve always been hopeless when it comes to recognising celebs. Fifteen years ago when I was fresh-off-the-silicon-valley-boat and seated right next to Chris Evans at a press lunch at Langhams, I was more interested in the tech exec at the table. Later, the agency director whispered in my ear, don’t you know who that was?

Well not much has changed. Last night I went to the launch of Sarah Brown’s new book, Behind the Black Door. There were all sorts of celebs there, including Pamela Stephenson, Tim Vincent, Katy Brand, Jimmy Carr, Fiona Phillips, Kathy Lette, Caitlin Moran, Sue Perkins, Duncan Bannatyne, and Dan Stevens. The only reason I know this is because Liz Jarvis from Living with Kids sent me a list of names! I’m hopeless.

I did recognise kids cookery guru Annabell Karmel! Yay!

Dan stevens

Here’s a pic of Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey. I am the period drama’s newest fan.

Pamela stephenson and Cathy Lett

Here’s Jen with Pamela Stephenson and Kathy Lette.


Jimmy Carr

Liz wanted me to take this pic of her and Jimmy Carr “for her son…” Not sure I believe her 😀

Ben from big brother

Isn’t Jen photogenic? Here’s a pic of her with Ben from Big Brother. I’d say he’d give Justin Bieber a run for his money.

Fiona phillips

And here’s Liz with Fiona Phillips. Fiona kept looking at me and asking “have we met before?” #notasfarasIknow

I of course do keep up with politics so had no trouble recognising Sarah Brown. She very kindly agreed to take a pic with the CyberMummy founders, and I handed my iPhone to the person standing closest to me (I subsequently found out his name was Justin).

Well, here is Justin’s photo of the CyberMummy founders with Sarah Brown:

Bad photo 1

…and here’s the backup pic he took:

Bad photo 2

I think this one is upside down! Oh well. Not to worry, we got another photo opp and as soon as Jen (*ahem*) emails me the pics I’ll post.

Do you have any celeb encouters to share?

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  1. 23/03/2011 / 09:09

    oooh, I love period dramas! Or period anything, really. And now I feel like I should really check it out, ’cause some eye candy never hurts, either 😉

  2. 21/03/2011 / 16:41

    I definately don’t watch enough TV – i don’t recognise most of the people in your pics 🙂 But i’m just busy doing more entertaining, more sociable things… I am rubbish at quizzes though!

  3. 16/03/2011 / 19:20

    Great collection of celeb photos! I recognise them which must mean I watch too much telly do ya think? 😉

  4. Crystal Jigsaw
    15/03/2011 / 16:55

    Brilliant photos!! Both Jen and Liz are lovely, aren’t they.
    CJ xx

  5. 14/03/2011 / 22:21

    Ha ha, great write-up. Love the pics. I’ve had more than my fair share of celeb run-ins. Prob is I recognise them to the point of thinking I know them personally. It can be quite embarrassing when you’re like ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and then you realise you only know them from telly and actually they have no idea who you are!

  6. angelsandurchinsblog
    13/03/2011 / 21:20

    Confess I wouldn’t have recognised the Big Brother boy, but HOW JEALOUS about Dan Stevens? He is my number one crush at the mo.

  7. 10/03/2011 / 15:42

    Embarrassing celeb story from when I’d just moved here – Got chatting in a lift to Bill Curtis, (a well-known, now older journo and documentary TV person). No idea who he was at the time. Next evening, I went to a posh Unicef dinner and he was the MC. Still didn’t realise he was famous, so went up and re-introduced myself saying, “It’s taken me ages to figure out where I know you from, but it’s the elevator ride yesterday.”
    Argh! God knows what he thought.

  8. 09/03/2011 / 16:58

    that’s very cool. i recognise at least three of those which i’m ridiculously and pathetically proud of: given i live in a outpost. (and clearly fall on too many copies of Hello when i get out?)

  9. 09/03/2011 / 16:00

    Wow…Justin is good! He’s clearly been taking lessons from my husband…

  10. 07/03/2011 / 17:16

    Met lots of celebs, but I think the ones that I enjoy meeting the most are bloggers that I read. I normally shout out things like “I READ YOU ALL THE TIME!” and then they run away. I think I was more refrained when we met lol

  11. 07/03/2011 / 10:03

    Looks like a great evening. I am terrible at famous people, in fact I don’t know how I managed to teach film and media, kids are handy for filling in the blanks.
    Looks like ‘Justin’ was having way to much fun. Hope Jen got some better ones!

  12. 06/03/2011 / 22:36

    I’m really glad to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t recognise all these people! The honest truth is I don’t watch telly – at all! You sure looked like you had a blast! Love the photos and the funnies 🙂

  13. 06/03/2011 / 03:00

    Hilarious – love all these pics – you really get out and about and meet loads of people – and the bottom pics cracked me up! That is what would happen if I met Brad Pitt I’m sure!!! Pamela Stephenson? I was just thinking about her the other day and wandering what had happened to her!

  14. 04/03/2011 / 22:18

    Hahahaha. Thanks for making me feel better about not knowing any of these people.

  15. 03/03/2011 / 15:46

    That photo of Jen with the big brother guy is so funny, she looks like she is scared of being spiked in the eye by his hair! My god these hair! Jen is really lovely on that pic actually.
    Sounds like you had fun and I would have been really useless at knowing who’s who. I have a tendency of looking at celebs thinking like Fiona Philips with you “have we met before?!”

  16. Heather Davis
    03/03/2011 / 13:22

    Ben from Big Brother looks all together quite mad! Looks like a fun event though. I’d love to do more celebrity spotting unfortunately not many of them make it to my part of Gloucestershire!

  17. 03/03/2011 / 07:32

    How exciting! I never recognise or know anyone either. 🙂

  18. 03/03/2011 / 07:17

    I love how Jen is ‘photogenic’ and I’m um… not.
    Very funny post x

  19. A Modern Mother
    03/03/2011 / 06:05


  20. A Modern Mother
    03/03/2011 / 06:04

    That’s the great thing about these events, and a couple glasses of wine!

  21. 03/03/2011 / 00:06

    Yep – really loved the pix of you guys and Sarah Brown!
    We have plenty of celebs around here – but get the strong vibe that asking to be photographed with them would not go down well! Will buy some body armour and give it a try x

  22. nappyvalleygirl
    02/03/2011 / 23:46

    I love Dan Stevens – and Downton Abbey is brilliant, you really should watch it.
    No celebs here….although apparently Robert de Niro rented a house up the road a few years back…..

  23. Knackered Mother
    02/03/2011 / 22:38

    Me: OMG, did you see who that was?
    Husband: Who was it, darling?
    Me: Charles Brosnon
    Husband: OK, there’s no Charles Brosnon. It’s Pierce Brosnan or Charles Bronson. And that *pause* was Harvey Keitel.

  24. 02/03/2011 / 18:20

    Hi Jet-set lady! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have recognized anybody either, apart from Jimmy Carr and Sarah Brown of course! And the handsome guy from Downton Abbey but he looks so different from the character he played in the period drama! Glad you had fun. Is Sarah Brown’s book any good? Baci. A.

  25. Iota
    02/03/2011 / 17:43

    Forgot to mention, I’ve got Justin Bieber coming to tea tomorrow.

  26. Iota
    02/03/2011 / 17:42

    Yes, I do actually. Prince William and that nice Kate Middleton came to tea yesterday. Can’t post any photos, as I had to sign an agreement that I wouldn’t.
    They were very nice and polite. They were great with the kids, played chess with my younger son, and looked at all my daughter’s Polly Pockets. William said he enjoyed the meal, which was kind, because actually, it was lasagne and it was a bit over-cooked round the edges.

  27. Susanna
    02/03/2011 / 14:16

    More than me!

  28. Susanna
    02/03/2011 / 14:16

    He wasn’t even drinking!

  29. Susanna
    02/03/2011 / 14:15

    It was interesting that is for sure.

  30. 02/03/2011 / 13:23

    Love the photo of Liz and Jimmy Carr! Brilliant. Wish I’d been able to go now. You say you need to watch more telly – I need to live nearer London! I’m going to ask Sian for all the behind the scenes gossip 😉

  31. 02/03/2011 / 13:20

    Those last two pictures are… um… interesting!

  32. 02/03/2011 / 13:16

    Sounds like a fabulous experience. Now I’m glad I recognise two of the celebrities. Yes, sadly just two ;0)

  33. Susanna
    02/03/2011 / 12:54

    Phew, glad to know it’s not just me! I could have killed “Justin”.

  34. 02/03/2011 / 12:27

    Nope, I don’t know most of those celebrities either. I need to watch more telly too. Sarah Brown seems like a lovely lady, and I’m glad she’s getting a lot of good publicity for her book.
    Btw, the last two photos just cracked me up! 🙂