My Christmas Cake – Part II

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Decorated cake

Here's the finished cake! What do you think? 

Cake out of oven

As you may remember from last week, here's my Christmas Cake, cooling after taking it out of the oven.
First I covered the cake with marzipan. The hardest part was the fondant. The Waitrose package came with a package of "ready to roll" fondant, which meant I had to roll it out myself. The fondant was very hard, so I put the package into a cup of hot water for a few seconds, and when it came out it was more pliable. I rolled it out, dusting icing sugar on the cutting board so that it would not stick.
Icing folded
I folded the fondant into quarters, and was VERY glad it didn't stick to the cutting board!
Fondant on cake
Next I brushed a bit of warm apricot jam (included in the Waitrose pack) over the marzipan, then gently laid the fondant over the cake. The fondant stretched in a few places and began to break (oh no!), but I fixed it by putting a bit of hot water on my finger, and rubbing the fondant until it softened a bit and blended in.
Decorated cake
The finished cake! Just gorgeous, don't you think?!
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  1. Gluten Free Biscuits
    12/12/2012 / 13:34

    Before baking, place a tin at the bottom of the oven with two pints of water in it. This will keep the air moist in the oven and will produce a better cake.

  2. HonestMum
    09/12/2012 / 20:31

    Looks fab! Well done lady!

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