11 things we love about a Winter Weekend at Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel

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Arriving at the santa sleepover ay legoland hotel
The modern family just returned from a Winter Weekend Santa Sleepover at Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel. A big thank you to the resort for having us as guests. It’s was one of their first Winter breaks of the season, and it really put us in a festive mood. Here’s what we loved …

Making lego!

1. Lego! It’s everywhere! In reception, our room, the play areas. The girls had a ball building all kinds of things, including a giant-sized union jack for a competition.

2. Meeting Santa! We signed up for a time to meet a lego figure version of Santa, and his elves gave us, you guessed it, Lego!

Decorations 2

3. Making lego decorations. This was MY favourite activity. We made all four ornaments: a star, santa, candy cane and heart. The best part is we got to take them home.

4. Decorating cookies. While the cookies weren’t lego-shaped, they were big milk chocolate chip cookies and the girls went wild with icing, sprinkles and more chocolate chips. Yum.

Bricks restaurant

5. Bricks Family Restaurant. It’s all-you-can-eat buffet style. My youngest spotted the bar-b-que ribs, loaded up her plate, and proceeded to eat every single one! There is a nice variety of hot food (roast chicken, a wok option, curry, etc), salads and desserts. The girls went back several times.

6. Building a lego creation for the competition. Imagine a room filled with lego, and you can make whatever strikes your fancy! We came at the tail end, and lego was running a bit low, but the girls managed to build a Union Jack. I was impressed that they figured out how to make the vertical stripes (the smallest lego). Unfortuanltey we didn’t win.

Adventure room bink beds

7. Our room! We had an Adventure room, which had a butterfly, a beetle and a monkey. The best bit was the treasure chest — where you follow clues to break the secret code to unlock the chest. Guess what’s inside? Lego! Whoop-whoop.

8. The swimming pool and wet play area. This was a BIG hit. There’s a shallow swimming pool and a wet play area with water guns, see-saws, and showering lego everywhere. Unfortunately one of my daughters slipped and hit her head (she was
Glass of wine with leog

running, despite the signs posted everywhere that say NO RUNNING). That freaked me out a bit, and hubby immediately reasearched signs of concussion. Once we were satisfied everything was fine, we could enjoy the break again.

9. Having a place to enjoy a glass of wine, while the kids played with … lego! Craig from Dadzclub was there, and our two families sat together nattering away, with the kids running around playing with lego in a big play area. It (almost) felt like a night out!

What did santa leave?

10. Leaving a carrot and mince pie outside out door, and waking up to little gifts from Santa! Leaving a carrot and mince pie outside out door, and waking up to little gifts from Santa! We exchanged a voucher for a plate with a carrot and mince pie and were told to leave it outside the door. We weren’t quite sure what we would get. I’d spoil it for you if I told you, so I think I’ll keep you in suspence (hint: it WASN’T lego).

The view from our hotel room at legoland resort windsor

11. The view. We almost forgot that Legloand was just outside our bedroom window.

Net: My oldest (nearly 11) thought she was a bit old (especially for the shows), but my two younger ones (7 and 8) were in Lego heaven! Any night away is a break for me, and I loved it.

Santa Sleepovers at Legoland Windsor Restor Hotel start from £251 for a 1 night dinner stay.

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  1. HonestMum
    12/12/2012 / 09:54

    Oh wow, looks fantastic! Oliver would love it there!

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