What do you get your 84-year-old father for his birthday?

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My dad turns 84 tomorrow.

He moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angels in the 50s to be a tennis star (really). His claim to fame is winning a set off the Number 1 seed of the time.

Like many first generation Americans, he was the first in his family to go to university, studying electrical enginnering. Unfortunately none of those super geek genes rubbed off on his youngest daughter!

At the height of his career he worked at Amdahl, helping to design computer chips and main frames (anyone remember those?)

He’s recently been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We are in California helping him celebrate his 84th.

I never know what to get him for his birthday. Usually it is a hat, tie or socks. One year he was into baking and I got him a few recipe books.

Like much of his generation, he LOVES to pass around funny emails. He sent me this a few weeks ago.

Even though it’s in German, watch it and you’ll get the gist: a daughter gives her father an iPad, he thinks it is a chopping pad, using it to cut veggies. To his daughter’s dismay, he washes it under the tap and puts it in the dishwasher!

Can you see where this is going?

I got my dad an iPad for his 84th birthday!


The girls and I wrapped up some veggies and a knife.


We wrapped an iPad II 16 mg wifi in an old Wall Street Journal. The girls picked out a white iPad and acqua blue case.

I hope he thinks it’s funny.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. A Modern Mother
    05/10/2012 / 09:28

    It hasn’t left his hands since he opened the package!

  2. 05/10/2012 / 09:14

    Did he like it? x

  3. 31/08/2012 / 00:57

    That’s neat, think your dad – who’s obviously a bit of a star all-rounder! would love that I-pad – vege chopping and all! Stop by if you’re still in Ca!

  4. Svetainiu kurimas
    30/08/2012 / 13:49

    Fabulous story! have a wonderful day together.

  5. 25/08/2012 / 13:07

    Great idea and I think he’ll love it as a gift. My Mum who is older and not tech savvy at all (can’t use a mobile phone) took to using our iPad in 1 day like a duck to water.

  6. 13/08/2012 / 23:28

    I absolutely love this idea. I bet he loved it x

  7. Reklamos paslaugos
    12/08/2012 / 13:30

    Thats funny 😀 Happy B-day Grandpa!

  8. 07/08/2012 / 16:31

    Ha ha ha. That’s funny.
    If anyone came here seriously looking for dad presents, I bought my 78 year old father-in-law a subscription to the BBC’s Knowledge magazine and he loves it. (They also do a History mag and a Science mag, which are lovely too.)

  9. 05/08/2012 / 20:56

    That’s great (lucky him) what a lovely and thoughtful present! xx

  10. Mari
    04/08/2012 / 08:00

    Fabulous story! have a wonderful day together and may there be many more celebrations to come

  11. HonestMum
    04/08/2012 / 07:33

    Wow-what an incredible father you have. Sorry to hear he is unwell and hope he has a cracking birthday (fab presents!)