Behind the scenes at BritMums Live!

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Blogers waiting to get inMany of you know that I’m the founder of BritMums, the UK’s largest parent blogging community with nearly 4,000 members that represent more than 7,000 blogs with a reach of nearly 20 million page views a month.

More than 500 people flooded The Brewery in London on June 22 and 23, 2012, for BritMums Live!, the biggest parent blogger conference in the UK. Ruby Wax kicked things off with a frank and funny discussion of her depression and her online community Black Dog Tribe. From there we had blogger roundtable discussions, workshops, the Brilliance in Blogging party and awards, Sarah Brown, Cherry Healey, the Bloggers’ Keynote, social networking training, advice on charitable fund raising and awareness, fruity drinks, style sessions, film sneak peeks, pedicures, vacuuming (!), photobooths and much much more.

You can see what everyone has to say about the event on their blogs, with the Official BritMums Live Linky – there were nearly 200 posts last time I looked!

Meanwhile here are some “behind the scenes” snaps of BritMums Live 2012!

Susanna and ruby

Susanna and keynote Ruby Wax. Not sure what possessed me, but as our heads touched together I told her I didn’t have head lice.

Reach on Twitter
BritMums Live 2012 had a reach of more than 28 million impressions on Twitter over 48 hours. We were impressed too!

Guardian article

This article appeared in Saturday’s Guardian. That’s me on the left!

Michelle and BiBs winners

Michelle from The American Resident with the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging winner envelopes. Oh the suspense.

Cherry and katy

Katy Hill and Cherry Healey “hanging out”.

Grace disney baby

Grace from Disney playing mum.

Jen and eleanor mills

Jen chatting with Eleanor Mills.

Sarah brown and katy hill

Katy Hill, Charlie from Piggy Bank Kid, and Sarah Brown.

Blogger glare
The  glare: Susanna, Diane from In The Powder Room, Jen and Toni/Expat Mum.



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  1. 24/07/2012 / 15:51

    Well done ladies. Looks like a lot of fun 🙂

  2. 09/07/2012 / 13:48

    Awesome pictures…

  3. Susanna
    03/07/2012 / 17:48

    Thanks, and please tell me how can you look so glam being so pregnant!

  4. Susanna
    03/07/2012 / 17:48

    Thanks Kate.

  5. Susanna
    03/07/2012 / 17:47

    Too much wine?

  6. Susanna
    03/07/2012 / 17:47

    And of course our wine sponsor (thanks!)

  7. Susanna
    03/07/2012 / 17:47

    Looking forward to the video!

  8. Susanna
    03/07/2012 / 17:46

    Glad you liked it!

  9. Susanna
    03/07/2012 / 17:46

    Not sure why I mentioned head lice. I don’t think Ruby was impressed.

  10. Family Affairs
    02/07/2012 / 23:19

    Great memories – love the one of you and Ruby! Lx

  11. Honest Mum
    02/07/2012 / 08:06

    What a fabulous few days-and I get to relive it in the edit suite. Well done to you all!

  12. Knackered Mother
    30/06/2012 / 09:56

    Well done Susanna & team, it really was a brilliant event. Loved it. Highlights were Ruby, Eleanor Mills and Camilla from Kids Co….and best of all, hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. And Katy Hill was FAB!

  13. 29/06/2012 / 01:21

    Someone remind me why we were doing that “glare” thing.

  14. 28/06/2012 / 21:09

    How fantastic, loving all the photos – what an event and an achievement to organise all that Susanna – hope you’re following this up with a couple of weeks on the beach!

  15. Kate On Thin Ice
    27/06/2012 / 18:50

    Busy weekend for everyone but probably most of all for you and your team. Some great pics that get over just a tiny percentage of how wonderful it was. Well done you!

  16. 27/06/2012 / 17:48

    It was brilliant – the best one so far. Well done you guys!!

  17. 27/06/2012 / 10:43

    As a mum of 7 yes I said seven, I managed to find time to attend this event all thanks to my long suffering dear husband. To say that the event itself was FANTASTIC would be a mighty understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and the time away from the family was also an added benefit, some real down time without having to worry about when the next feed time was or who’s nappy needed changing next.. The event gave me the release I really was screaming out for and the laughs I so desperately needed.
    Thank you to you
    Lisa Mills
    Mother of 7