Stealth marketing

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Apple store los gatosI rushed out this morning to join the predawn queue at the Los Gatos Apple Store in hopes that I may be able to get a snazzy iPad2. I had altready decided I wanted a white one with a lime green cover.

OK, it wasn't really predawn — but close! There were about 15 people waiting outside for the doors to open at 9 am, including a few men in their 40s wearing SF Giants caps and a woman in pink sweats. Not the usual "fanboy" crowd.

The manager came out at 9 and started handing out cards for their limited shipment. He explained they only had a handful (not my 16 GB white wifi). There was a black 32 GB with a network plan, but of course that would do me no good in the UK.

Six weeks after the launch of the new iPad, and the tablets are still scarce. Apple says it is due to a combination of its popularity coupled manufacturing troubles. Really? Or is it a stealth marketing strategy.

Anyway, I didn't get my new iPad. #sob But I did get to keep my $499 (plus tax).

Are you an iPad fan?

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  1. 17/05/2011 / 13:15

    I want one. I have been lovingly stroking the latest edition of ipad at my local Apple store. Just a few more months and you will be mine! I promise it. We look at each other lovingly as I leave…. I have waited for the latest edition, credit card poised for an eternity now! Hope you get yours soon!

  2. 01/05/2011 / 21:37

    We bought the first one and I never quite warmed to it. MacBook Pro it is for me, forever and always!

  3. magento themes
    27/04/2011 / 07:26

    So Sad…I am not that much crazy about iPad.But in London you can have that.Better luck next time.

  4. 26/04/2011 / 21:15

    Great piece, I feel I’m with you there in the queue, I would have loved to see a pic of those bods in the line! I am such a terrible luddite it takes all my wind power just to turn on my computer so don’t really get the i-pad thing, though hubby swears by it. I keep telling him its just a wee computer and he agrees and still loves it. I will forever be an olden days person. I am back in Oakland (though still have a few residual posts on NZ to go so it looks like Im still there). Send me a line if you’re still around. Leave for london on Friday.

  5. 26/04/2011 / 10:50

    My husband has one and he is soooo hooked… my son loves it too… the plan was that he wasn’t even supposed to know it was in the house but by the end of day 2 they were already downloading games for him to play on it. I want one now, I sort of see the point… however not sure I can justify the cost!

  6. 26/04/2011 / 08:54

    I love my iPad so very VERY much…but a lime green would be just that bit cooler!

  7. A Modern Mother
    25/04/2011 / 22:03

    Good tip! Tnx

  8. 25/04/2011 / 20:29

    It doesn’t seem very well known, but over here all the Apple stores update their stock levels on the website by 9pm, and at 9pm you can reserve anything from available stock for collection the next day.
    I must say I love my iPad, and you’re exactly right when you say it’s about instant access. I can grab my iPad, switch it straight on, get immediate access to the web, or email, or Twitter. For a busy Mum who does a heck of a lot of stuff in snatched minutes when the kids are behaving themselves, it makes me so much more productive than my laptop. Really.

  9. Susanna
    25/04/2011 / 15:32

    one day!

  10. Susanna
    25/04/2011 / 15:32

    OK, I’ll take back that present I have for you then.;D

  11. Susanna
    25/04/2011 / 15:31

    It has to do with instant access. The guy in the apple store described it as using an ipad for casual access … like grabbing a pair of flip flops as you are running out the door. A laptop is more like running shoes. Try it, you’ll like it.

  12. A Modern Mother
    25/04/2011 / 15:25

    I’ll have to google that now. I love my ipad1 too, but thought the camera would be good to skype with grandparents abroad. Also they are so pretty!

  13. 25/04/2011 / 14:29

    meant to say Ipad 1 LOL! (maybe that’s wishful thinking eh?!)

  14. 25/04/2011 / 14:29

    I thought there were genuine problems due to the Japanese disaster?? I’ve got an ipad 4 and I’m happy with that, I don’t feel the need to upgrade. Hope you get yours soon!

  15. 25/04/2011 / 08:07

    It’s a bit annoying how the stores never seem to have enough in the beginning. I suppose it’s very clever but I’m a bit fed up with how cute Apple thinks it is.

  16. 25/04/2011 / 04:17

    Don’t have one but have an I-Phone 4 which I think is enough for me. I don’t really understand what the big deal is, given that there are laptops out there smaller than a sandwich. Somebody enlighten me.

  17. 23/04/2011 / 20:41

    Oh no, how disappointing. My cousin queued for two hours in New York for his. I’ve had a go and it’s brilliant, which you might not be wanting to hear, but worry not because I don’t have one. I don’t have an ipad 1 either. We can cry together.

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