My photo shoot with OK Magazine

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I'm officially a Three Mobile Mum, and one of my *ahem* duties was participating in a photo shoot for OK Magazine. A tough life I know. I fell in love with this little black dress (John Lewis Hobbs Limited Edition). What do you think, should I wear it to CyberMummy?? I know it's a few months away, but…

Here's a close up of the shoes. I know what you are thinking.

There were girls on hand to dress us, and lots of clothes to choose from.

Kirsty henshaw 
Another Three Mobile Mum, Kirsty Henshaw (of Dragon's Den fame)

Makeup artisit 
This is Sadie, the woman who made me beautiful. They call her Rapunzel because of her long hair.

Thank you to Three for the day. I'll let you know when the piece is out in OK so you can run out and get a copy (yah right).

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  1. 25/04/2011 / 07:26

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  2. 13/11/2010 / 08:43

    How amazing is that and how glamorous you look!! šŸ™‚

  3. 10/11/2010 / 23:56

    Hi Susanna,
    Have been clicking around on your ads to get you that cup of coffee a bit faster and enjoying reading your posts.
    I’m new to blogging and very keen to join British Mummy Bloggers, so I can read more and ask advice of those more experienced!
    I have registered but my application is still pending apparently. Is this just because of the number of bloggers eager to join or have you discovered, as my children have, that my parenting skills are not up to scratch.
    Would be more than delighted if you take a look at my site and wish to add me to your favourites – especially as you seem to be the mother of all bloggers.
    Thank you
    Not a Notting Hill Mum
    PS Like your integrity section too- v good idea.

  4. nappyvalleygirl
    10/11/2010 / 20:35

    Wow, you look great. You’re not going to go all celeb on us, are you?

  5. EmmaK
    10/11/2010 / 14:49

    What a beautiful dress and I love the shoes too. You look like a real knockout!

  6. 10/11/2010 / 13:22

    The dress looks gorgeous – but would you have to wait until next summer to wear it? It has Christmas Day all over it to me… PMx

  7. 10/11/2010 / 12:58

    That’s a perfect dress for you: mind you, now I know the sort of thing that needs to be worn to the Cybermummy event, I’m grateful I am unable to get to it!!

  8. Suzanne
    10/11/2010 / 12:43

    Stunning – you look amazing.
    I love lots of the dresses by Hobbs, and the shoes are fabulous (very high!)
    Congratulations on the article.

  9. 10/11/2010 / 11:58

    You all look incredibly glam. Love the dress. I’m off to the Mother and Baby Awards next week and my dress is from Hobbs!

  10. Antonella
    10/11/2010 / 10:48

    You look fab in that dress, Susanna! Well done. Let me know when it’s published pls. I don’t read OK but my neighbour does and I’d die to shut up that bitchy gob of hers bragging about you! Ciao. A.

  11. 10/11/2010 / 10:18

    Yeay you! How exciting! You look fab – the dress is perfect on you and the shoes, I am sorry, but they just have to be purchased immediately. Looking forward to seing the finished article.

  12. 10/11/2010 / 08:24

    That dress is stunning!!!! I love it, and it looks like a great day!
    I am just scoffing peanut butter on toast before a crew of 7 people (I live in a three bed end terrace) arrive to do some filming for a magazine article about WAHMs. Am slightly jittery and there is a landrover parked outside. Maybe it’s secret filming….get me some gloss!

  13. 10/11/2010 / 07:40

    Dude, you’re such a STAR! You look hawt in the dress. xoxo

  14. A Modern Mother
    10/11/2010 / 05:57

    Hahahahaha, I am taking this for what it is … fun!! I do LOVE that dress though, very versitale, could wear year round. See you in April!

  15. A Modern Mother
    10/11/2010 / 05:54

    Do they carry OK too? I thought they were only in hair salons. Wow I have to tell my parents.

  16. A Modern Mother
    10/11/2010 / 05:53

    very funny

  17. 10/11/2010 / 04:33

    That dress is PERFECTLY made for you. You look so beautiful! I think you should definitely wear it to Cybermummy. It looks comfortable also (well, the dress at least).
    Had no idea you were appearing in OK magazine! Omigosh, you are a true superstar. Just don’t forget about us little people, heh šŸ™‚
    Congratulations! Well deserved.

  18. 09/11/2010 / 23:48

    That is a gorgeous dress – made for you – what a lovely photo. Can’t wait to get my copy (may have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive in my Barnes and Noble though!)

    09/11/2010 / 21:19

    Susanna – you look fab! Not that you don’t always look like this…I can see you wearing those shoes on the school run.

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