British parent blogger benchmark study

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Are you a British parent blogger? Please fill out this benchmark study; it is anonymous and will only take a few minutes. We’ll share the results when it’s done. Who knows maybe we’ll discover that the online middle class mum stereotype is all wrong. Or that you all bloggers are based in Birmingham. Regardless, this is your chance to have your say!

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  1. Becky
    27/11/2010 / 16:42

    I’ve been blogging on and off for over 10 years, first with a classic whiny teen blog lol and gradually progressing to more intelligent subject matter (I hope!). I filled in your survey but used stats from my previous blog as my current one has literally only been running a couple of weeks.
    I thought it interesting that you asked about whether I blog as a hobby or a job. When I started all those years ago, blogging was something people did for fun. Not a lot of people made money out of it. I have to say I actually prefer the old-school approach, everywhere I go these days bloggers seem too focussed on the revenue earned from their site (moreso within the tech and SEO “consultancy” fields). I find it quite refreshing to see blogs with no advertising, just people writing from their hearts.
    Anyway, didn’t mean to write a novel here, just wondered if I’m in the minority with how I feel. No disrespect meant to those who earn money with their blogs, in fact well done if you’ve managed to make a decent income from it. I’m just never quite sure if I can trust a blogger these days if it looks like they’re getting paid for writing.

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