The dry spell

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I suffered a dry spell after our second child. A major one. One I imagine the Sahara Desert to be like. Long. Flat. Never ending.

I just didn’t feel like it anymore. I was too tired. It didn’t hold my attention. I would crawl into bed after a day of wiping drippy noses and picking cheerios off the floor and I would just stare at them. I finally put them away in a box. I didn’t want to be reminded.

Apparently this is common to mothers of young children.

Now I can’t get enough. I have all kinds at my bedside – historical, period, chic lit, classics. I read whatever I can get my hands on. Though I’m still not much of a fan of suspense.

Have you ever had a dry spell? 😉

*This post was originally published in 2009 — but it’s still one of my favourites!

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  1. Knackered Mother
    29/10/2010 / 23:12

    Read this last time round, still rings true. Reading One Day at the moment and have a leaning tower on the bedside all calling ‘Pick me! Pick me!’. Trouble is, I get sidetracked by lite reading – Grazia, Daily Mail online. Oh, don’t tell me I’m on my own, purlease….x

  2. 29/10/2010 / 17:57

    Before I had the kids I’d get through about 50 books a year. I love reading. Unfortunately at the moment I tend to eventually get to the end of a book only to have forgotten what happened at the beginning. So major reading is on hold for a while.

  3. 29/10/2010 / 02:49

    I read a page if it kills me. That’s because I now have teens who prowl around long after the 7 year old has gone to bed. Be warned – you have a period of about ten years between the little stage and the teen stage. Either end it’s knackerdness and lack of sleep.
    Make the most of your time now ladies – do away with the dry spell!
    (Ooh, so many blog posts could be spawned from this one. Excuse the pun.)

  4. 28/10/2010 / 20:28

    And here I thought you were talking about the big O.

  5. Suzanne
    28/10/2010 / 17:36

    I’m also having a dry spell at the moment and I hate it.
    I have various books lined up to read but I am just too tired.
    I usually read before bed but at the moment as soon as my head hits the pillow, that’s it, out like a light.
    I am confident that the time will come around again – soon!
    I love getting lost in a good book.

  6. 28/10/2010 / 10:11

    Oh yes dry spells, I have just come out of one that’s lasted over two years….exercise.
    I ran for the first time this week, and then I ran again.
    Today I cannot walk, or sit, or bend down. But I ran, and I panted and I sweated.
    It felt great.

  7. nappyvalleygirl
    28/10/2010 / 01:48

    I didn’t read at all after having Little boy 1 – for months – but am making up for it now. I am a regular down at the library, and then there’s Book Club (slogan: what happens in Book Club stays in Book Club).

  8. Lorraine The Party Times
    27/10/2010 / 21:51

    great post – obviously didn’t end the way I expected! Have a toddler that doesn’t seem to need much sleep so plenty of dry spells in this house… x

  9. 27/10/2010 / 21:24

    I’m still trying to emerge from my post-baby dry-spell. the writing is 9just about) coming. The reading? Not so much. It’s a great post. I can see why you like it!

  10. 27/10/2010 / 16:35

    I’ve just finished reading Never Let Me Go which made me have a nightmare about having my organs removed because I’d had children with an American. Think I might go on a self enforced dry spell to avoid more nightmares!

  11. 27/10/2010 / 16:23

    No I’ve never had a dry spell…I am totally book addicted …at least two a week ….mainly mysteries esp Kurt Wallander mysteries and also non fiction tomes about ‘the history of the sanitary towel’ and stuff like that!

  12. 27/10/2010 / 15:23

    That’s funny. Apparently romance novels are a good way of breaking a dry spell, so I’ve been told.

  13. 27/10/2010 / 09:09

    Ahh… dry spells…. On the reading front and otherwise…
    Great post 😉
    I miss reading. I have a whole bookcase of books to get through, but I just need to turn a page and I’m zonked!
    Hannah (via BMB) x

  14. 27/10/2010 / 08:24

    I’m having one now! I miss reading, but can’t cope with anything much more that the news and blogs. When I’m over the baby stage I shall resume. I’ve had dry spells with both my other children – where I’m reading only picture books, mostly half chewed and made of thick cardboard! When I get back in the flow I feel just like a desert must after the rains – totally new and refreshed. Enjoy your reading x