Jet lag as explained by my six-year-old

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sleeping dogMummy I have a weird feeling, like I’m not used to it here.

What do you mean sweetie, are you really tired?

No, when my head is on the pillow it feels like it wants to get up and walk away.

Photo credit: abnetsel

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  1. 12/10/2010 / 08:14

    Which gets us to the current problem: Information overload and too much choice. Where do you start? Which sources of travel information are even worth the effort? It’s enough to (almost) make you yearn for the days when you could set off with little more than a round-trip ticket in hand, vague itinerary in mind, and a vagabonding spring in your step.

  2. 17/09/2010 / 12:55

    Priceless!!! She’s so clever! Ciao. A.

  3. 17/09/2010 / 06:00

    Right? And then I say I should just get up, but then I stay awake for three days. And then I sleep for three days.

  4. 16/09/2010 / 20:31

    OMG, I feel like that all the time – not just jet lag!

  5. 16/09/2010 / 14:43

    That’s such a good description. I love how kids just hit the nail on the head. I’ve really enjoyed your posts from California. We were there last summer and I miss it – we have plans to retire there. Bring on The Inn & Out Burger!

  6. 16/09/2010 / 14:41

    That’s a perfect description. Funny how children can often articulate things we struggle with.