Kids bored this summer? Try these tried and tested recommendations

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Summer is always a challenge with kids. Lack of routine, changeable weather and lots of free time can take its toll. Sure there are lots of places to go, but many are expensive and it can be hit and miss finding a winner. Recommendations are always appreciated. When first contacted me about their idea of creating a summer guide where mums would contribute their most economical and fun tips to keep kids entertained during the summer, I knew it would be a huge success.

More than 40 parents from the British Mummy Bloggers social network contributed ideas and reviews. You can read my post on Waddesdon Manor (in my opinion, the BEST National Trust property in the South East for kids, and if you are an National Trust member, it’s FREE).

Did you contribute a review to the guide? Post about it and leave your link below. If you didn’t contribute, make sure you become a BMB member, so you know about cool blogger opportunities like this one.

And if you kids are bored, make sure you visit the summer savvy guide for keeping the kids entertained.

What are your best tips for the summer?


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  1. 15/08/2010 / 10:56

    Do you know, I have been wanting to make ice cream for ages…this has reminded me and I’m off to get the ingredients. I shall leave the flavour up to my daughter… who knows what we’ll end up with as she is a fan of making ‘potions’ (weird mixes of all kinds of clashing culinary delights). Perhaps I’ll turn it into a blog post! šŸ™‚

  2. A Modern Mother
    14/08/2010 / 14:50

    I saw yours, it looked like a nice day.

  3. 14/08/2010 / 13:01

    I wrote a few reviews and one went up, there are some great ideas here. I hope to blog about what to do with kids when travelling as we travel alot.

  4. 13/08/2010 / 20:30

    Ah cool, thank you! I’ll keep an eye out šŸ™‚

  5. A Modern Mother
    13/08/2010 / 19:47

    Will do.

  6. A Modern Mother
    13/08/2010 / 19:46

    Well said.

  7. A Modern Mother
    13/08/2010 / 19:45

    They are appearing gradually … so keep looking. Mine’s not up yet either.

  8. 13/08/2010 / 18:43

    I wrote some reviews for them but can’t see them included in the guide šŸ™

  9. 13/08/2010 / 16:35

    There’s plenty you can do during the school holidays. Think of it as an opportunity rather than trying to find things to fill the days. It’s a chance for them to do things they don’t usually have time for.

  10. angelsandurchinsblog
    13/08/2010 / 13:08

    Fantastic! While the sun is shining it’s relatively easy to keep them entertained, but I find it really hard when the heavens open. Thanks for this – and come on over to our What’s On for more inspiration!