Serious mum envy

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Easter cupcakes

OK, I’m a sucker for cute edible food, especially when chocolate is involved. I made these Chocolate Nest Cupcakes for my daughters 8th birthday party. They are from Annabel Karmel’s Princess Party Cookbook. Shhhhh! Don’t tell Annabel I cheated — I used a cake mix and pre-made icing. Try it for Easter: you make nests out of Cadbury flakes, and then finish with three pretty eggs and a chick. I got the Cadbury eggs and chicks from HobbyCraft.

Some of the mums’ noses were pressed up against the glass as they dropped off. Serious mum envy.

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  1. 26/03/2010 / 18:32

    they look great and as usual you are full of fab ideas enjoy that mum envy 😀

  2. 26/03/2010 / 09:02

    Very sweet – although I’m guessing Toddlergirl would eat the chicks too …perhaps might leave them off if I give them a go!

  3. 26/03/2010 / 06:31

    @luschka yah, I knew what you meant!
    @nomoreexcuses I only do edible art … hmmm, a bonnet, go to Hobbycraft I bet you would get some good ideas. That’s my new favourite store, I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

  4. 25/03/2010 / 21:35

    By obviously I meant based on your explanation, not by the way they look!

  5. 25/03/2010 / 21:31

    Those are totally beautiful! And obviously so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. 25/03/2010 / 18:03

    I won’t tell Annabel… but ONLY if you turn your creative skillset to a bonnet idea. Seriously, I have a pre-school easter parade bonnet requirement & I’m the un-craftiest person in craftsville. Cadburys flakes & chicks on a hat? That could work… & then she could eat it. Bonus.

  7. 25/03/2010 / 17:45

    @califlorna we’ll soon see, I sent her the link!
    @expat gotta love Cost Plus

  8. 25/03/2010 / 16:42

    @Emma – you can buy Flakes in Cost Plus/World Market if there’s one near you. Not sure what they taste like now that the company has been hijacked, I mean, bought…

  9. 25/03/2010 / 16:17

    Cake mix? Annabel will have to be brought round with smelling salts if she reads that!
    Great cakes!

  10. 25/03/2010 / 15:12

    I’d need about 12 by tomorrow 7pm. Now, where is the order form?

  11. 25/03/2010 / 10:03

    yes, I agree food is edible art, but the thought of creating something of beauty to be consumed in moments makes me cry out in alarm! 😉
    There is one contemporary artist in particular whose art form is cooking for people in random places and getting them to sit down and eat communally – how nice . . . . now this I would do 🙂

  12. 25/03/2010 / 09:25

    @mummytips and you’re girls are GORGEOUS in the photos!

  13. 25/03/2010 / 09:24

    @amelia — they’re a form of edble art, no?

  14. 25/03/2010 / 08:54

    yum – these look great! I wish I enjoyed making them as much as I enjoy eating them. I’d rather spend my time making art unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) for my kids!!!

  15. 25/03/2010 / 08:25

    Very cute, Eliza has put in an order of Butterfly cupcakes for her birthday so now I have to go find all the garb to go with it!

  16. 24/03/2010 / 22:36

    Hey… remember I was at the photoshoot for the book… your secrets are safe with me!
    pretty impressive cakes I have to say!

  17. 24/03/2010 / 22:25

    lol… I have mum envy!!! i don’t care how you made them or what with; they look just fabulous!

  18. 24/03/2010 / 20:19

    @heather they were fun to make and every single one dissapeared!

  19. 24/03/2010 / 20:09

    I have got my 6yrs old party this weekend and have been seriously thinking of using a mix as so pushed for time. You’ve given me permission! These look gorgeous. We are making easter cards so they will fit completely.

  20. 24/03/2010 / 16:52

    You mean you didn’t fashion the chicks out of home made marzipan?? Tut tut. (Wink)

  21. 24/03/2010 / 14:53

    oh my god that is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I am wondering if I can get those supplie in the USA???

  22. 24/03/2010 / 14:14

    So sweet! Perfect. My daughter took your cute bunnies recipe to school today as they’re going to bake. Thanks again for your suggestions. Ciao. A.

  23. 24/03/2010 / 12:24

    I love that you generated Mum envy!! Yea!
    They look cute and so CHOCOLATE-Y!!Yum! I will let my 10 year old enjoy decorating them with me.

  24. 24/03/2010 / 11:21

    Don’t they look fab! I might have to cheat even further and buy ready made choc cup cakes then decorate as you’ve done…even I can’t mess that up!

  25. 24/03/2010 / 10:33

    Get in there! Always satisfying to score a point or two at the school gate. Respect to you haha!

  26. 24/03/2010 / 09:12

    @japra and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt, really

  27. 24/03/2010 / 09:08

    Adorable! And there’s nothing wrong with a little help in the kitchen 🙂

  28. 24/03/2010 / 07:53

    Oh you do make me laugh. Poundland is much cheaper for the chicks, we got 40 little ones and 9 bunnys for £2!!

  29. 24/03/2010 / 07:38

    @erin thanks they were fun to make and not too much work

  30. 24/03/2010 / 07:33

    They look adorable! Good work.