Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

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FYI — we were given this DVD to review.

Cloudy_bd_2ds[1]I've put my (nearly) eight-year-old to work. Here's her first review: the DVD Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

It was great! It was about a boy called "Flint." He changed water to food with a machine he invented. It wasn't a very good idea because there was a spaghetti and meatball tornado. Then giant food rolled to all the people all over the world while Flint was trying to turn the machine down.

At the start it rained hamburgers. The next day it rained orange juice, bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. Then it rained ice cream for Calum's birthday (the police man's son).

Then day by day it rained every kind of food you could think of. Near the end the food started to get bigger.

Flint finally turned the machine off and then everything got back to normal.

Stars: 4 (out of 5)

My take is that it is a warning not to mess with food (genetically modified?) or BAD STUFF WILL HAPPEN. It wasn't too scary. Very funny at times.

And here are some link to some colouring pages and activity sheets. Have fun!

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  1. 07/02/2010 / 16:09

    Great job with the review! I have been wanting to see this! Can’t wait till it comes out on DVD – I love watching these movies with my daughters!

  2. 29/01/2010 / 18:36

    I eat a quite lot of junk food when my son’s not with me… That’s possibly what made me think about it when I watched it!! Slow down mamma!!

  3. A Modern Mother
    28/01/2010 / 13:49

    Roise — 4 of 5!
    Stigmum — didn’t even think of that aspect.

  4. 28/01/2010 / 10:12

    My son took a few friends for his birthday and they all really loved it! With the big spotlight on child and adult obesity at the moment it is one to watch!!

  5. 28/01/2010 / 10:05

    Ooh, I like the look of that. Think my 6-year-old might like it and she is in need of some funny at the moment. Is it 4 stars out of 5? Or 4 stars out of 10?