Dear PR Person…

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Annoyed This is a continuation in my "Dear PR Person" series…

Dear PR Person,

I am a mummy blogger, not a reporter. I do not get paid for what I do (do you really think someone would pay me for whinging online?) Please stop asking me to do things for free, it's really starting to bug me.

Thank you,


Dear PR Person,

Thank you for your email. No I do not wish to run a competition. Creating a competition takes a lot of time: I need to write and edit the copy, research rules, fairly choose a winner and then publish it. Unfortunately my husband complains when he gets a carton of Tesco Shepherd's Pie plopped in front of him for dinner and the girls get cross when I am late picking them up from school. I appreciate the thought though.

Best wishes,


Dear PR Person,

Thank you for your press release. Did you really send this to everyone on your list? Did anyone respond? A-frigging-mazing.


Dear PR Person,

My name is Susanna. That's with an "a" at the end. Why do you keep calling me Suzanne, even after I wrote this post? I guess you don't read my blog? If I were single, living in London and enjoying my first job at a swanky PR agency I wouldn't want to read my blog either. All I write about is my kids. How boring is that?!


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  1. 15/09/2010 / 00:32

    Very funny post Susanna – I too blog aside from working in PR and get some of the same approaches 🙂

  2. 22/10/2009 / 13:32

    I agree – am a guilty PR person who does write to bloggers, but usually about (I hope) stuff that is relevant to your readers, not product gumf. The latest I’ve probably bothered you with is about women writing online when they’re stressed and a survey which says they are twice as likely to do that than talk to their partner. Its actually to promote a writing community where clever people (you) get paid (a bit) to write online, so I didn’t think you’d mind too much!

  3. 20/10/2009 / 10:15

    Love it!

  4. 13/10/2009 / 15:59

    Dear PR person
    You know that blogger Susanna (no, not Suzy…). Well, I reckon she’d do pretty much anything for you if you offered her a few days in Paris with a bunch of friends. Just a little tip for you…

  5. 13/10/2009 / 11:49

    I’ve never been asked to do any such thing, luckily. I only want Steve Jobs to send me an iPhone, the only thing I will review for free at infinitum. Does Steve Jobs read your blog? If so, Steve – call me!

  6. 13/10/2009 / 06:54

    Potty — do you get “Pot” for short?!
    MetMum — Amen!
    Tree — me too!
    Tara — please tell us how you really feel!

  7. 12/10/2009 / 23:33

    I have yet more.
    Dear PR person
    Please don’t tell me that you love my blog and read it with your wife because you’re hoping to have children some day. That just makes me vomit.
    And under no circumstances put in the email subject title: Love your blog.
    Dear PR person
    Do not tell me what other bloggers have done/are doing for you. I don’t mean to be rude but I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS.

  8. 12/10/2009 / 21:57

    You are cracking me up with these!

  9. 12/10/2009 / 21:46

    Oh, that’s fun. Let me add:
    Dear PR person,
    Please don’t think that we wouldn’t know that you’d pay dearly for research participants. And no, a few sample sized shampoo bottles are no valuable incentive for my readers.

  10. 12/10/2009 / 21:41

    I think you said it all, Susy… (sorry – I couldn’t resist…) x

  11. 12/10/2009 / 20:26

    I’ll add:
    Dear PR Person,
    No I don’t wish to review 18-cert DVDs on LivingwithKids. The clue’s in the name.

  12. 12/10/2009 / 20:18

    Clarey — sorry, couldn’t help myself!

  13. 12/10/2009 / 20:16

    These are my thoughts exactly Susanna!!