Could there be anything more British?

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Patriotic music. Fireworks. A case of champagne (thanks Mike). Oh, and 40,000 other people in Hyde Park all waving their Union Jacks.

There are few events that bring out national pride more than the Last Night of the Proms; the songs a reminder of Britain's rich history. We weren't at the main event at the Albert Hall, but at the People's Proms, with the masses at Hyde Park. It's both classy and classless at the same time (where does one get a mini dress made of the UK's flag?)

Watch the video clips below, and I defy you not to feel just a teensy bit British (even if you're not)…

And here's the National Anthem and fireworks…

What makes you feel British?

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  1. A Modern Mother
    16/09/2009 / 09:57

    Muddling Along — it is a fab experience and I highly recommend it. We may even take the girls next year (there were some kids there)

  2. 15/09/2009 / 10:43

    You’ve reminded me of happy memories of Proms in the Park – too much red wine, flag waving and a good time had by all !

  3. A Modern Mother
    15/09/2009 / 07:23

    Woman Who Can — LOL!

  4. 14/09/2009 / 23:09

    I read your post, and really liked it, but I’ve ended up disappointed with myself. You see, the things that make me feel most British are queuing, moaning about the weather and wanting to write letters that end “Yours faithfully, Disgusted of Wherever.”
    I shall keep popping by in the hope of some patriotism rubbing off!

  5. A Modern Mother
    14/09/2009 / 19:03

    SPD — Does she look like you?!

  6. 14/09/2009 / 16:46

    My sister went to the park, and behaved like a true Brit. Got drunk, complained about not having the words, and waved a flag.

  7. A Modern Mother
    13/09/2009 / 18:20

    Hot Cross Mum — thanks!
    Domestic — Yes,the Queen’s speech is right up there too.

  8. 13/09/2009 / 17:26

    I’m hideously British. I watched last night because, being British (and having grown up an expat), how could I not? Don’t get me started on standing for the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day. It must be my Army upbringing….
    [But I don’t, never not ever, drink tea!]

  9. 13/09/2009 / 16:57

    I caught a bit of this last night from my remote corner of Ireland and missed ‘home’. Fabulous stuff. My granny’s ancient china teacup makes me feel British – especially when full of a cup of Fortnum and Mason Earl Grey. Yum. Award for you at mine.

  10. 13/09/2009 / 15:29

    L love how everyone’s chatting away till the chorus of Rule Britannia! Thanks for that!

  11. A Modern Mother
    13/09/2009 / 15:20

    Angels – Um, we don’t have to mention that!
    Whistle – who doesn’t have a guilty past?

  12. 13/09/2009 / 14:41

    I watched it too last night and yes it does make me feel British. I always feel a little uncomfortable about the colonial empire building nature of the lyrics though. As we watched it we talked about why we don’t celebrate St George’s Day. It’s a shame England doesn’t have a national day, that would make me feel very British (or English perhaps!). It’s our guilty past we struggle with I think.

  13. angelsandurchinsblog
    13/09/2009 / 13:53

    ‘Look at all those pirate flags’, say the angelsandurchins blog boys. Guess not entirely inappropriate, given the British history of, er, exploration…!