Are you a tired mummy?

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Tired mother

Looking back, I think the biggest surprise about being a new mother was how much lack of sleep affected me. It’s not surprising that depriving a person of sleep is a form of torture, because with a premature baby that didn’t sleep for oh, until she was about a year old, I was on the verge of killing someone (probably my poor husband).

I’m holding a competition for all you sleep deprived mums on my review site, so if you are a tired mummy, please read on…


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  1. 27/07/2009 / 15:49

    Sleep deprived, I am an awful awful person, an even worse mum and spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking up ways to make my husband’s life miserable so he can feel even a 1/100th of how I’m feeling. There is a reason it’s used as torture.
    On those rare days when they’ve both slept through the night, I’m back to being the super cheery person I was for 32 years and am in love with my gorgeous little darlings.
    I even consider taking them off eBay, or at least upping the price.
    Please get me onto the Pampers Golden Sleep Train now!!!

  2. TooManyHats
    25/07/2009 / 16:01

    Thankfully, those days are over for me. I am sure whoever wins this marvelous prize will be forever grateful!

  3. 25/07/2009 / 09:02

    “Pampers Golden Sleep Train”
    What a great prize, I’m in!

  4. 25/07/2009 / 02:15

    GREAT great idea. Now that is genius, awarding a lucky mom with that prize. Who can’t use that lol? I know I can! Too bad I wasn’t in the UK though.

  5. 24/07/2009 / 22:28

    What a great post. Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing, my middle child never slept for more than 3 hours in a 24 hour period until he was over 3 years old, and we never got the 3 hours in one go!! I had forgotten how bad it was until recently when again the kids ensured I had 5 weeks of interrupted sleep, due to my eldest keeping nocturnal hours and illness. I felt completely wiped out, so have been catching up while they were all away this week!

  6. Café Bébé
    24/07/2009 / 19:47

    Goodluck with this, Mrs! I’m running a Pampers Contest/Giveaway on mine starting Monday. Kim at Fleishman-Hillard let me know you’re running this. Brill…hope Pampers comes on board BMB with sponsorship as well one day. Well done you! 🙂