Bedtime conversations

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Cream tea

"Mummy, Miss Sharon went on holiday to heaven."

My four-year-old, HM, was sitting on my lap, her just washed hair smelt of lavender. Miss Sharon is her pre-school teacher and as far as I knew, she did not go to heaven.

"Do you mean Devon sweetie?" I asked patting her soft head.

"Yes. Miss Sharon went to Devon and she said there were loads of yummy things to eat there."

I have to say I was relieved that I did not have to tackle a more complex conversation so late in the evening. And besides, there are worse things than the prospect of spending an eternity with scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream!

Photo credit: heatheronhertravels

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  1. 12/06/2010 / 16:34

    Friendship is like earthenware: once broken, it can be mended; love is like a mirror: once broken, that ends it.

  2. pandora jewelry
    20/05/2010 / 01:53

    We have an eternity of cream teas to look forward to. That sounds nice…
    Thank you..

  3. Andrew
    17/07/2009 / 13:09

    We have an eternity of cream teas to look forward to. That sounds nice…
    Thank you..
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  4. 14/07/2009 / 22:40

    If heaven is full of cream teas i’ll die happy!!

  5. 13/07/2009 / 21:44

    now, that’s my kind of heaven. makes death a little easier to grasp that way.

  6. 13/07/2009 / 21:43

    no isn’t dying just that much easier to take if it was filled with sweets!

  7. 13/07/2009 / 17:11

    How SWEET! At first while reading her statement I gasped, thinking she REALLY did go to heaven. Thank goodness she didn’t LOL!!!!
    Kids say the most creative, cutest things πŸ™‚

  8. A Modern Mother
    13/07/2009 / 16:18

    Iota — can’t think of anything nicer!
    Too2Many — I was taken back when she first said it, but quickly realised she meant Devon.

  9. TooManyHats
    13/07/2009 / 16:14

    LOL – thank goodness you knew Miss Sharon was in Devon and not heaven – that could have sparked some phone calls and started quite the uproar.

  10. Iota
    13/07/2009 / 14:53

    Ah, so we have an eternity of cream teas to look forward to. That sounds nice.

  11. 13/07/2009 / 13:32

    how very sweet. feared it was going to be a death and ghosts story.

  12. 13/07/2009 / 12:38

    What a divine photo!
    Devon could easily be confused with heaven, especially in the summer. A lovely mistake.

  13. 13/07/2009 / 11:15

    Phew – I’m glad it wasn’t Heaven – that would have taken a bit more explaining!

  14. A Modern Mother
    13/07/2009 / 10:46

    Maybe she thought that heaven is yummy cookies, maybe she’s right.

  15. 13/07/2009 / 09:04

    I love those precious moments, thank you for sharing.

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