A meme to myself…

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MemoWow, the air is thick with meme-awards. Can't you just hear them speeding around cybersphere. Click. Click. You're. It.

They come in all shapes and sizes: happy, honestlovely, and close.  Charming, dramatic, admirable and most.

I can't keep up with them all. So what's a Modern Mother to do? I've made up my own meme, except it's a memo, to myself, about all these damned memes.

Dear MM,

  • Please remember to write down seven things about yourself that are interesting and funny. Please put some thought into this, as you do not want to appear dull, or self serving. I don't think that anyone will be interested to know that you were a cheerleader in high school. Or that you were fired from the Sizzler.  And it's not really appropriate to tell people you fart in bed, even if it is true, please just keep that one quiet.

  • Now think of another four little known facts about yourself. Hhhmm. So what if it took you three trys to pass calculus, or that your appendix is in the wrong place. Why in the world would anyone care to know you were madly in love with Donny Osmond. Maybe you should reveal something much more meaty, like you still are in love with Donny Osmond. Or that you are a chronic liar.

  • There was one about what you would change about yourself, or do over, if given the opportunity. Er, are they serious? Why would you do it all over, especially the giving birth three times in three years part.

  • Now go into your files and pick the fourth photo in the fourth file, and then publish it for the world to see. If you don't want to publish that one (which is BTW is a flattering photo of yourself with your eyes closed) look around until you do find something suitable, like the one of you in a catsuit pre-kids. Yes, that one will do nicley

  • Don't forget to publish all the meme rules. The result may be that you exceed your Typepad storage limits, but hey ho, it's easier than writing your own posts, and let's be brutualy honest, probably more interesting.

  • Please thank all those lovely bloggers that bestowed awards upon you. When you see them remember to serve them all cold cups of tea.

  • Now choose eight more bloggers you want to torture and challenge them to write a memo to themselves, about whatever the hell they want: 2 Too Many Hats, Nappy Valley Girl, Home Office Mum, Violet Posy, Potty Mummy, Every Day Mamma Drama, More Than Just a Mother, Under the Big Blue Sky

  • Oh, and whatever you do, don't let anyone see this note to yourself. You will offend all those lovely online friends and they will think you are nuts.

  • Now go to bed, don't you have anything better to do on a Saturday night?!

Photo credit: Ali Edwards

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  1. 07/02/2009 / 07:48

    I finally did this.

  2. 01/02/2009 / 19:19

    OMG, did I really publish this? I was just writing myself a little note last night, that’s what I get for drinking a glass of wine and reading blog posts at the same time.
    Don’t get me wrong ladies, I love memes. Keep ’em coming… (cough, cough)

  3. 01/02/2009 / 18:46

    Why thank you. I was just feeling like I hadn’t had a meme for a day. At least this gives me the liberty to write a memo about anything at all. I think I have just the topic….

  4. 01/02/2009 / 18:18

    So are you saying that these awards are a bit of a poisoned chalice? I award you the MOST AWARDED award. (Have you seen my recent post?)

  5. 01/02/2009 / 14:44

    I worked at Sizzler through high school and most of college – I have very fond memories of the place. Would you like more shrimp?
    Your list is fabulous!!! And I like mint in my cold tea šŸ™‚

  6. 01/02/2009 / 03:07

    You were fired from Sizzler?
    very nice. very nice.
    i am quite enjoying my cold cup of tea